Our mission is to provide the snails of the highest quality, and inspire the farmers for the beginner.

In business, we apply the following principles: Passion, professionalism, and transparency.

Passion, because we breed with passion for the edible snail, and with healthy and organic food.

Professionalism, because we help clients solve their problems with care and precision.

The transparency, because we use the principles of clear and simple cooperation for all, and we focus on company values.

We always strive to improve our technologies and innovations.

We focus on the quality of our services and products.

The entrepreneurial idea starts from a careful analysis of the sector of snail farming activities and from the experience of its founder.


All are born in 2015 when I decided to start a small farm business “Farm Grandma Catherine” pushed by the love of my grandmother for the earth, is to direct it in the breeding of snails from gastronomy, the industry little known.


Over the years I noticed that the farming techniques that I had been taught as the guidelines from the sector were not correct, nor productive.


After a few years of poor production, I decided to deepen the sport for his own account, deepening every single detail of the animal and breeding techniques, existing around the world through books, personal research and not, and through travel and experiences made in places related to this matter.



The short cycle is the principle introduced in our method of breeding and, for its substantial impact, and represents a true revolution with respect to how up to date that is used.


The short cycle takes place in a period of defined time and thanks to the use of the proper precautions not to damage the small snails, you can get satisfaction in the production. All breeders who have attempted using this solution have given approval to our system.


However, with the passage of time we get more and more skills. Currently, our know-how is highly valued by cattle breeders who want to make the first experiences, as well as experts who come to us for consultation and support in the creation or in the care of the breeding of snails.

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